The EPR/OPR Bullet Tracker app could help simplify and organize events when it comes time to produce those pesky bullets for your EPR or OPR. The app can be used as a repository for events that could be turned into bullets down the road. The app stores the facts of events for later editing and sharing. The storage of data to describe an event will make it easier to recall the event and then create the necessary bullets for the performance report. The app stores category, date, action, impact and result making the creation of bullets much easier at a later date. This data is stored by date and can be edited or deleted after being saved. The data can be shared easily, as the app inserts it into the body of an email that can be sent as an email. The EPR/OPR Bullet Tracker app is a great time saver for that up coming performance report. Start early and don’t worry about creating bullets.

EPR/OPR App will be released toward the end of September.